Keep It Simple! The way fundraising should be!

When searching for a product fundraising line, you need not look in further. Believe Kids supplies top of the line quality products for reasonable prices that meets the needs of children and adults alike.  Find a gift for a child, your dad or mom, sister or brother or your next door neighbor.  This is the only product brochure Susan represents; it is trusted to deliver on time, packed well and separated by the participant's name.  Believe does the work. 

Believe Kids

Known as the best chocolate in the fundraising industry, Simply Fundraising has represented World's Finest Chocolate for over 10 years and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit organizations around Indiana.  Call Susan and have her explain the ease of this sale and just how much money your organization can earn in a relatively short period of time.

Simply Fundraising, Inc.

“OUr School made so much money in so little time!”

“Our school made so much money in so little time." Amanda E. said when she helped her school to exceed any amount of funds ever raised in the past.  She was thrilled. It was the school’s first World’s Finest Chocolate sale and the kids more than doubled their profits. Parents and staff were excited to limit their fundraising to just the one sale for the year and have plenty of funds for their needs!

GIVE YOUR organization the opportunity to maximize its profit with little work!

  • Over 30 years experience
  • Multiple, quality products 
    • Chocolate
    • Brochures
    • Cookies
  • Free delivery
  • Quality service
  • Training volunteers
  • Motivational kickoffs